Watch CGI Fish Swim Around a Virtual Aquarium

Снимок экрана 2015-04-30 в 11.29.49

Crowd simulations take over the ocean floor in Memukhin Oleg’s Fishing day, a brief but beautiful CGI experiment. In just six seconds of animated action, Oleg (a.k.a Monkibase), simulates the fluid behavior of fish using a “fish flocking model” created in the graphics application Houdini. He sends the school of sea creatures through four stages of movement: cohesion, separation and alignment, obstacle avoidance, and flee behavior. As a submarine powered by Oleg’s gloved hand swims past the school, the miniscule CGI fish weave in and around an underwater shipwreck in perfect unison.



Watch Oleg break down the specs behind his subterranean short below:

Fishing day from monkibase on Vimeo.