The Night Cafe is a virtual reality experience that puts you in the shoes of Vincent van Gogh as he sat in Café de la Gare in 1888. Heavily inspired by his masterpiece, Le Café de nuit, this experience allows you to enter into the environment as he envisioned it. Visitors can also discover objects and scenes from some of his other iconic paintings.


While creating the environments of these paintings in 3D space I’ve had to expand on areas that can’t be seen; rooms behind doors, objects hidden from view, people turned away from the viewer. It’s been an interesting process in using reference material from Van Gogh and other expressionist painters but also imagining what might have been there, just off the edges of the canvas.


With the environment and Van Gogh portrait done I have been spending my time animating (this always seems to take longer than expected) and planning out how to incorporate more life into the experience through things like burning candles, blooming particle brush strokes, and hopefully more characters as well.

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