Japanese artist Kohei Nawa filled a dark room with billowing clouds of foam for this art exhibition in Aichi, Japan.


Kohei Nawa used a mixture of detergent, glycerin and water to create the bubbly forms of his installation, entitled Foam.


Described by the artist as being “like the landscape of a primordial planet”, the large cloud-like forms were pumped up from the floor in eight different locations, creating a scene that was constantly in motion inside an otherwise black room.


The artist experimented with different quantities of the three ingredients to create a foam stiff enough to hold a shape without being affected by gravity.


“Small cells bubble up ceaselessly with the slight oscillations of a liquid,” said Nawa, explaining the process. “The cells gather together, totally covering the liquid as they spontaneously form a foam, an organically structured conglomeration of cells.”


The exhibition was presented in Autumn 2013 as part of the Aichi Triennale, an art exhibition in Nagoya, Japan.

Photography is by Nobutada Omote.


via http://www.dezeen.com/2014/01/07/kohei-nawas-foam-installation-created-a-cloud-like-landscape-of-soapy-bubbles/