The dramatic changes in landscape caused by the Industrial Revolution and its subsequent permeation of technology in nature have certainly influenced many artists out there, even the ones who used to gather inspiration from flora and fauna. But that is not to say that beauty cannot be found within our new kind of human settlements, and artist Jeremy Mann is a true testament to this fact. Instead of the classical landscape paintings or still lives of fruit, Mann has chosen to imprint his canvases with the haunting essences of the modern city.


His oil paintings of the streets and rooftops of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles perfectly capture that intangible emotion imprisoned in the asphalt, that melancholy that comes with the rain that blurs the screens of your car as all the lights blend together. That unique feeling we all experience while walking alone at night among the towering buildings is there, in the paint. It’s truly incredible to look at Mann’s creations since they are filled with true emotion, even though they depict something as “mundane” as the city streets.


It certainly brings upon art a new discussion regarding the presence of beauty and the ever changing nature of humanity’s passion and wonder for our surroundings. Placing a Mann piece right next to a John Constable will make for a stupendous discussion.