You (yes, you!) can become a walking light art installation with the fiber-optic coat kit by Natalie Walsh. The rainbow-lit coats are DIY, and users can decide on whether they’d like to assemble 180 fiber lights or 360. The result is reminiscent of a jellyfish, and should definitely come out with you next time you’re out past dark.


Under her Instructables username Natalina, Walsh posted a how-to for making your own technicolor dream coats, using items you already have lying around the house. Walsh, in this case, uses a tailcoat, which lends itself to an interesting and tailored silhouette. Then, with some extra fabric, a needle, and clear fishing line for thread, she sews a pouch to hide the battery pack that fuels the light display.


After laying the lights in her desired arrangement, she sews them in place on to the coat. The finishing touches are added by cutting the lights at the bottom in uneven trails, to give dimension to the fibers, as well as a cosmic appearance that comes with motion.


Be inspired by the video below, head to the Instructables for more buildout details, and buy your own kit on Ants on a Melon.


Learn more about designer Natalie Walsh here.

Fiber Optic Coat from Natalie Walsh on Vimeo.