In bold, acrylic line paintings, Hilary Bond depicts the heads and torsos of women, often repeating the image in overlapping compositions. Drawing from Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and American culture, Bond takes Kate Moss as the muse for much of her work, rendering her image in a bright palette of pink, yellow, orange, and blue monochromes.


After attending the Baltimore School for the Arts she went to The Cooper Union and received a BFA in 2007. Hilary’s artworks are featured on the CBS hit show “2 Broke Girls”.


Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, American culture, and childhood influence Bond’s choices in color, brush work, material, and composition.


“I was searching for inspiring female figures and a female ideal, archetype, and muse. I started painting models, in particular, Kate Moss. The composition and line quality influence my color choice and ultimately the overall emotion of the work. I want my paintings to be mysterious, beautiful, assertive, and to have their own inner dialog. The artists who inspire me change with each piece, but I was substantially influenced by Manet’s Olympia, de Kooning, Schiele, and Warhol.”