Dalí and Miró Meet Digital Art in Surreal 3D Illustrations


Colombian illustrator Daniel Aristizábal compacts the all-star mediums and genres of 20th century artistic movements into user-friendly, candy-colored graphics. As chronicled on his Instagram, Aristizábal applies V-Ray to dadaism, glitch art to cubism, and takes futurism digital, bundling it all up in the bubbly pastel palette of pop. In his projects, the artist has riffed on Salvador Dalí’s eggs with his Huevos series and hits the warped waves with Joan Miró in his Sunny days are coming pieces. Despite the succession of stylistic influences, however, the artist sees his art as fundamentally uncomplicated: “My work is full of simplicity and organic shapes,” he tells the Instagram Blog. “It is nostalgic in its essence.”

Experience Aristizábal’s brain-bending visuals below:


From the Huevos series. All images via


36 Days Type


Visuals created for Toy nail polish


Relentless Pencil Attack


Visuals created for Toy nail polish


Glitched Cubism

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