Allison Burda and Cameron Gee are emerging artists who currently live and work in Toronto. The two work collaboratively to assemble multiple hand-painted and drawn mixed media layers into a final, cohesive digital image. Each piece requires intense collaboration and the outcome is the product of their combined talents.

As artists, their primary interest is in depicting houses without the people who inhabit them. Their Lonely House series is both playful and haunting. They use the contrast of rough-hewn layered materials with slick, digitally created geometric paths to express both the whimsy of their twilit landscapes & the profound loneliness and isolation found in both the wilderness and the digital age. Are houses homes without the people who live within them? Is our digital age actually dividing us or is it bringing us together and allowing for new ways of creating and being?

Allison and Cam have participated in group shows at The Power Plant and the Love Art Fair in Toronto & are regular contributors to The Hairpin.



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