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Over 2,000 delicate LEDs fill the Olympus Photography Playground in artist collective Neon Golden’s SWARM, the lights’ soft, electric emissions buzzing through the 850-cubed-foot space in Vienna. Engineered with a combination of Arduino, Cinema 4D, Raspberry Pi, and Processing, the audiovisual installation reacts to movement, placing its visitors inside a colorful, carefully coded 3D environment.


Immersing himself in this electrically engineered mass of ruby fireflies, Máté Czakó glides through the luminescent, coded creatures, revealing the LEDs’ subtle reactivity with his own simple wonder. For those who cannot experienc the piece for themselves, the choreographer teamed up with Neon Golden to demonstrate their kinetically sensitive light sculpture. Below, take a behind-the-scenes look at the installation, and watch Czakó get lost in the SWARM:

SWARM / Olympus Photography Playground / Installation + Performance from NEON GOLDEN on Vimeo.





For more of Neon Golden’s audiovisual artworks, check out their website here.

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