Houston-based artist Kevin Peterson is a hyperrealist painter who loves playing with the juxtaposition of destruction and innocence. His work features children thrust into surreal situations, like dilapidated urban landscapes, surrounded by graffiti and wild animals. The realistic portrayals of his subjects contradict the fantastical elements of their surroundings. Peterson is an artist obsessed with contradictions, and the way he shows conflicting themes is the most intriguing thing about him. He captures that elusive nature between reality and dreams, and what happens when the two intersect.

In the gallery are pieces from his recent solo exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery, Remnants. The series shows off his trademark style while also touching on themes like survivalism, isolation, and weirdly enough, hope.

“Bidding-II” “Less-Alone” “Cover-IV” “Fire” “Indigo-Detroit” “Protector”

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